Global Inundation Extent from Multi-Satellites Downscaled (GIEMS-D)

GIEMS-D is a high-resolution global inundation map at a pixel size of 3 arc-seconds (approximately 90 meter at the equator). The map was generated by downscaling inundated area estimates from the Global Inundation Extent from Multi-Satellites (GIEMS) . A first version of the downscaling of GIEMS can be found in (GIEMS-D15) .

The derived high-spatial-resolution dataset will be used in the framework of the Surface Water Ocean Topography (SWOT) mission to develop and test the instrument simulator as well as to select the calibration validation sites (with high space–time inundation variability). In addition, once SWOT observations are available, the downscaled methodology will be calibrated on them in order to downscale the GIEMS datasets and to extend the SWOT benefits back in time to 1993.

The related data set are available upon request to:


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